CT Scramble. Spring Recap: 20 New CT Releases Now Streaming May 25, 2018

"I try to impress this upon my students—as audio production students they're supposed to care about good sound, and I won’t tolerate anything less.


This semester, their term project is producing a sound-alike recording. They get to choose the song (with some guidance and a push toward songs with a minimum of four-letter words) and then have to recreate it to the best of their abilities.


Some of the students have taken to this like moth to flame. I have one particular student who, weeks before the due date was already showing me rough mixes of a recording that could pass as the original of "England" by The National.


I joked that since he's been doing such a great job so early in the semester that he'll have to do the rest of the LP. Kudos, Justin Krass." 


Steve LaCerra

"Justin is the kind of person to let you know exactly what music means to him on the spot; not even by his words, but by his actions.  Upon arriving to the studio, he'd already have all equipment setup and ready to record.  Everything has been carefully picked out gear wise in order to add flavors of tone that fit the record at hand. 


Justin is always concentrated in the session, and works quickly, but also very efficiently .  Always keeping in contact and updating me on mix revisions and other ideas he has for the vision of the record.  He's proved to me how talented he is in the realm of producing as well; phenomenal pianist, and a wide range of experience in working with different genres. 


Justin has never disappointed me, and after every session with him, I always leave with a smile and feeling excited about our next session."  

Mini Mac



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